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The Battle of Saragarhi

UNESCO has selected the best 10 wars of the history and one of them is Battle of Saragarhi. I am not sure why our school books mentions only about the wars which we lost.

The funny thing is Our Indian schools have forgot to mention about this war in our school books but the Government of  France has included this war incident in their national school of curriculum.The military action at Saragarhi is taught to students the world over and particularly to students in France.

This is a real incident, where only 21 Indian soldiers fought with 10,000 Afghan and Orakzai tribesmen and finally we won that war.

Battle of Saragarhi - Forgotten wars of the Indian history:

The Battle of Saragarhi, one of history's most famous last stands, was fought during the Tirah Campaign on 12 September 1897 between twenty-one Sikhs of the 4th Battalion (then 36th Sikhs) of the Sikh Regiment of British India, defending an army post, and 10,000 Afghan and Orakzai tribesmen. The battle occurred in the Khyber-Pa…

Spiritual Wall Papers in Tamil

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Sources: RamakrishnaMutt,Chennai website.

Spiritual Wall Papers in English

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Sources: RamakrishnaMutt,Chennai website.

Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna On 'Ego'

Sri Ramakrishna: What is my ego? Ponder deeply, and you will know that there is no such thing as "I". As you peel off the skin of an onion, you find it consists only of skin; you cannot find any kernel in it. So too on analyzing the ego, you will find that there is no real entity that you can call "I". Such an analysis of the ego convinces one that the ultimate substance is God alone. When egotism drops away, Divinity manifests Itself.

TRAILOKYA: "It is very difficult to get rid of the ego. People only think they are free from it."

Sri Ramakrishna: "Gauri would not refer to himself as 'I' lest he should feel egotistic. He would say 'this' instead. I followed his example and would refer to myself as 'this' instead of 'I'. Instead of saying, 'I have eaten,' I would say, 'This has eaten.'

Mathur noticed it and said one day: 'what is this, revered father? Why should you talk that way? Let them talk that wa…

Sanskrit goes Global !!!

Sanskrit is chosen as the best language for Computers according to Forbe's magazine. Many schools abroad teach sanskrit as part of their curriculum. A person by named Rutger Kortenhorst  (a Sanskrit teacher in John Scottus School in Dublin) speaks on the value of teaching Sanskrit to children, based on his own experience with the language.

Why does my child do Sanskrit?
by Rutger Kortenhorst

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to spend an hour together looking at the topic ‘Why does my child do Sanskrit in John Scottus?’ My bet is that at the end of the hour you will all have come to the conclusion that your children are indeed fortunate that this extraordinary subject is part of their curriculum.

Firstly, let us look at Why Sanskrit for my child? We are the only school in Ireland doing this language, so this will need some explaining. There are another 8 JSS-type schools around the world that have made the same decision to include Sanskrit in their curriculum (they …

Procedure for doing Japa and Meditation

Disciple: Mother, what procedure should we adopt for doing Japa and meditation?

Mother: Do them as you like, provided you keep your mind steadfast in the Lord. You will attain to your goal in this way. Why do you worry?

Disciple: Mother, I'm not worried, but I want to hear the instructions from your lips.

Mother: Everybody is behind you. The Master is there. And besides, you can see me directly.

Disciple: Mother, I was not fortunate enough to see Swamiji or Sri Ramakrishna.

Mother: Call on Him devotedly; you will attain everything. I say, you are blessed; for you have been born in such an age. This is the time when you can see His divine sport. One can easily understand this divine play if he looks upon it with faith and devotion.

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi

On another Sunday when I went to see the Holy Mother, I found that some devotees had already arrived and that others were coming. As I made Pranam to the Mother, she said, "Sit for a while." She gave me some Prasad which I began to eat. Then I said to her, "Mother, I don't find a day when I can disclose to you everything that's in my mind."

Mother: I have to attend to the problems of all my children. But you may ask one or two questions. I shall answer them.

Disciple: Mother, there are very poor people who cannot afford to travel to Varanasi or any such holy place. How can they gain the merit which others visiting those places obtain?

Mother: Why, they can gain the same merit by visiting Dakshineswar or Belur Math, provided they have such genuine faith! He for whom one visits Varanasi is present at Dakshineswar and Belur Math.

Disciple: Mother, what is the way for us?

Mother: Why do you fear? The Master himself will do everything for those who have received his …

The great scientist Sir Isaac Newton

The great scientist Sir Isaac Newton worked several hours every day for twenty years and wrote down the results of his brilliant research. One day he went out for a walk leaving the papers on the table. His pet dog diamond was lying in the room.

 A few minutes later, it jumped on to the table playfully. Due to this, the burning candle fell on the bundle of manuscript and it caught fire. Twenty years of hard research was reduced to ashes within minutes.

When Newton came back he was shocked. His precious papers were now a handful of ashes. Any one else would have beaten the dog to death. But Newton simply stroked the dog's head and said looking at it with pity Diamond, you know not what you have done.

He started writing again. It took him several years to complete the task. How great was his compassion for the dumb animal. Newton's heart was as great as his head.

It is difficult to forgive a wrong done to you  yet, with a stronger will it is possible. To forget the whole episode re…