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Dear Einstein, Do Scientists Pray?

In January of 1936, a young girl named Phyllis wrote to Albert Einstein on behalf of her Sunday school class, and asked, "Do scientists pray?" Her letter, and Einstein's reply, can be read below.

(Source: Dear Professor Einstein; Image: Albert Einstein in 1947, via Life.)

The Riverside Church

January 19, 1936

My dear Dr. Einstein, 

We have brought up the question: Do scientists pray? in our Sunday school class. It began by asking whether we could believe in both science and religion. We are writing to scientists and other important men, to try and have our own question answered. 

We will feel greatly honored if you will answer our question: Do scientists pray, and what do they pray for?

We are in the sixth grade, Miss Ellis's class.

Respectfully yours, 



January 24, 1936

Dear Phyllis, 

I will attempt to reply to your question as simply as I can. Here is my answer:

Scientists believe that every occurrence, including the affairs of human beings, is due …

Meditation is Awareness!!

Meditation Is Awareness by OSHO.

And remember, each situation has to become an opportunity to meditate. What is meditation? Becoming aware of what you are doing, becoming aware of what is happening to you. Somebody insults you: become aware. What is happening to you when the insult reaches you? Meditate over it; this is changing the whole gestalt. When somebody insults you, you concentrate on the person – ”Why is he insulting me? Who does he think he is? How can I take revenge?” If he is very powerful you surrender, you start wagging your tail. If he is not very powerful and you see that he is weak, you pounce on him. But you forget yourself completely in all this; the other becomes the focus. This is missing an opportunity for meditation. When somebody insults you, meditate. Gurdjieff has said, ‘When my father was dying. I was only nine. He called me close to his bed and whispered in my ear. “My son, I am not leaving much to you, not in worldly things, but I have one thing t…

On the Day of Mahasamadhi

In the beginning of 1885 Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa suffered from clergyman's throat, which gradually developed into throat cancer. He was moved to Shyampukur near Calcutta, where some of the best physicians of the time, including Dr. Mahendralal Sarkar, were engaged. When his condition aggravated he was relocated to a large garden house at Cossipore on December 11, 1885.

During his last days, he was looked after by his monastic disciples and Ma Sarada Devi. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was advised by the doctors to keep the strictest silence, but ignoring their advice, he incessantly conversed with visitors.

Before his death, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa transferred his spiritual powers to Swami Vivekananda and reassured Swami Vivekananda of his avataric status.
 Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa asked Swami Vivekananda to look after the welfare of the disciples, saying, "keep my boys together" and asked him to "teach them".

 Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also asked other …