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Brain Drain

Psychologists have estimated that an average we have as many as 60,000 thoughts per day.More importantly ,95-98%  of these thoughts at physical brain level is releasing a shower of chemicals. Neuro scientists estimate that a human brain contains 100 billion neurons (billion=100crores).Each neuron has 1,000 connections.Each connections fires on an average of 200 times per second resulting in 20,000 trillion (1.Trillion=1 followed by 18 zero's) calculations per second And all this consumes lots of life energy. Even if we can reduce the number of thoughts by a small percentage,it can have a huge bearing on our life.Meditating or practicing silence for a few minutes every day gives you the power of that conserved energy.
-Mahatria Ra. 
My comments :
As said by Siddars and Sages of India, the lesser we breathe the more we live. We breathe more when we think more and we breathe less when we think less. So our thoughts are directly related to our life, that is why a tortoise lives longer li…

Darwinian vs. Lamarckian Genetics

Change your Belief and Rewrite the Chemistry of your Body (this is a repost from Feb. 2014 which gives a scientific basis for my experience in the last article.)
A shift in consciousness creates a shift in biology. We are consciousness evolving back to Source. Charles Darwin, a great scientist and geneticist had proposed that all species evolve via a process of survival of the fittest. This process was also called natural selection. 
His contemporary, a scientist named Lamarck was widely ignored at the time. Lamarck had proposed an opposing theory - that humans evolve via traits and belief systems which are passed on to the offspring. According to Lamarckian genetics, a human being can aquire traits within a lifetime and pass them on to future generations.
One scientist who has become famous worldwide in recent times is, Dr. Bruce Lipton. He has reintroduced Lamarckian genetics to the world in recent years. As per the latest research, our biology and even our genetic makeup is a function …

Heroes of the day !!

Remembering Raju Guru, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev on their 82nd Death anniversary.

We salute them for our freedom today !!

I  strongly condemn Mr. Prashant Bhushan of AAP who mocks at these Martyrs as Terrorists !! 

What an irony, given how the same guys at AAP swear by the name of Bhagat Singh to pretend they're honest !

Is this man really a Indian Citizen or a Paid agent of some one ?

A Cute Puppy Dog

Today I was driving my bike to my office and as of sudden on the middle of the road , I saw a cute puppy dog which just died a few minutes back. On looking at the Puppy, I just found that it didn't die because of accident but died because of hunger :( and knowing this I just felt like crying. So,  I just dragged the puppy's body to a empty land, so that some one can bury it and also to avoid any further damage as the road  was always busy with cars and bikes.  

No one was ever caring about this puppy and every one was walking, driving as if they were so busy. What a SELFISH and SELF CENTERED world we are living in?.

A Real Hero!

Mark Twain wrote, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear -- not absence of fear.” Some kids show courage daily by persevering against disease, poverty, abuse and other negative influences. Other kids find themselves in circumstances where they must act courageously to save a life or make a difference in the lives of others. Stories of courageous kids can inspire your child.

Om Prakash Yadav is 11 year old Child and a Class VII student from Uttar Pradesh. He is the son of a Uttar Pradesh farmer, who pulled out several of his friends alive out of a burning van, caring little about his own safety. He is one of the National Bravery Award Winner 2011. He is the winner of Sanjay Chopra Award for saving children out of a burning van.

He saved eight of his schoolmates from a burning bus. The scars on his face bear an account of his burned injuries but did not in the least curb his spirit and he seems ready to enact his heroism again in saving his friends.

On September 4, 2010, he was go…

Mahasamadhi of Shri Paramahamsa Yogananda

HAPPY MAHASAMDHI of Paramhansa Yogananda March 7, 1952 !!!

A disciple once asked Yogananda, "Sir, what can ever replace you, after you have gone?"

With the tenderest smile he answered her, "When I am gone, only love can take my place."

Summa Iru or Be Still


Say No To Pepsi !

An eight-year-old girl died at Cuddalore government hospital after consuming PEPSI and three more children are being treated for consuming the same PEPSI bottle . The Bottle's Manufacture date has been identified and the food department is involved in Destroying those bottles. On total of 1536 bottles have been destroyed till now and officials are not sure of the total count of production on that day. 
General public are advised to avoid consuming the batch numbers AH 46 LR [23.01.2014] 3:33 and KP 46 LE 4 [14.01.2014] . Pass this information to one and all.

Breath is everything

The breath is what connects the living and the dead,
The breath is what connects the in and the out,
The breath is what connects the asleep and the awake,
The breath is what connects the conscious and the unconscious,
The breath is what connects the visible and the invisible,
The breath is what connects the gross and the subtle,
The breath is what connects the beginning and the end,
The breath is what connects the beings to God,
The breath is what connects you and me,
The breath is what it is - Know it and be free!

~ Connect to the inner breath and you shall get to know the pulse of the Universe.
Source: facebook

6 Steps to Sushumna Kriya Yoga

Pic Courtesy : Universal Spiritual Foundation Group.
Source :sushumnanadimeditation

Current Educ System

Our education system recognizes a person based on only marks. The day when we stop chasing marks, it is the day when people realize their gifted talents. Until then, Lions would consider themselves as a Goat !!

No one would ever know who they are, but they will work like a sheep in a herd without knowing WHO THEY REALLY ARE !!

The Science of Kindness

Dasavataram Vs Evolution of Species