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Nishkamiya Karma

An Awesome Autowala

Annadurai owns an Auto Rickshaw(similar to Taxi) in Chennai City Tamil Nadu, India. Similar to the other Auto-drivers he also does the same thing but What makes his auto from other Auto's is he provides a lot of things inside the Auto for the passengers/customers .

Which are,

1. Free mobile battery charger
2. Watch T.V for Free of cost
3. Free WiFi
4. Free Books to read
5. Bumper prize contest for customers
6. Refer a poor child for Studies
7. And discount in fare for teachers and on special days.
8. Mobile and DTH recharge

Annadurai is now 29 Years old.His main goal is to get his customers feel happy and he needs customer satisfaction . The vehicle is WI-Fi enabled and, if you're not carrying a laptop or smartphone to connect to the internet, Annadurai will slip you a 10-inch tablet. He carries an internet dongle attached to a WI-Fi router and offers free access to the internet. "Most people who take my auto work for IT companies and I know access to the interne…

Money is not Everything

If you think money is everything what would you say about this man.
He is the only son of Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan (second richest man in Malaysia & Southeast Asia and 89th in the world). 
He refused opportunity to work with his father to expand his father’s empire (personal fortune more than USD 8 billion) and instead chose the life of a simple Buddhist monk 13 years ago. 
Until now he follow the path of the Thai forest meditation tradition.

Free Eye Screening Camp