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Yaksha Prasnam

The "Yaksha Prasna", literally translated, means "Questions of the Yaksha ", were posed by a Yaksha in the forest to Yudhistira in the tale of Mahabharatha.

All the questions asked by the Yaksha were answered by Dharma Puthra to the Yaksha’s satisfaction. Then the Yaksha gave a boon to Dharma Puthra to bring back alive one of his dead brothers.

 Given below are the pointed questions asked by the Yaksha and the pithy and very direct replies given by Yudishtira

Who makes the Sun rise?
The Brahmam (the formless, all pervading God) makes the sun rise.
Who travel on both sides of the Sun?
Devas travel on both sides of the Sun.
(Sun travels in the sky, frequented by celestial beings called Devas.)
Who makes the Sun to set?
Dharma makes the Sun to set.
Where does the Sun establish himself?
Sun establishes himself in truth.
How does a man become expert in reciting Vedas?
He becomes an expert in reciting by learning it.
How does a man become great?
Man becomes great by Tapas (austerities)…

Education System

Reminds of the 'fairness' of our education system that kills a creative child who may not be good in maths or science. Instead of bringing the best in the child, the system gives him/her an inferiority complex which many carry for their rest of their lives.

We need a change in our education system for creating a better India :)