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By what kind of work can one realize God?

Devotee:"By what kind of work can one realize God?"
Sri Ramakrishna: "It is not that God can be realized by this work and not by that. The vision of God depends on His grace.
Still a man must work a little with longing for God in his heart. If he has longing he will receive the grace of God."

"To attain God a man must have certain favorable conditions: the company of holy men, discrimination, and the blessings of a real teacher. Perhaps his elder brother takes the responsibility for the family; perhaps his wife has spiritual qualities and is very virtuous; perhaps he is not married at all or entangled in worldly life. He succeeds when conditions like these are fulfilled."

"In a certain family a man lay seriously ill. He was at the point of death. 
Someone said: 'Here is a remedy: First it must rain when the star Svati is in the ascendant; then some of that rain-water must collect in a human skull; then a frog must come there and a snake must chase i…

Manliness and Sri Ramakrishna

One day Surendra Nath Mitra heard the Master (Sri Ramakrishna) saying to a devotee, "A little manliness is necessary for everybody". 

Thereupon he thought, "But this is my disease, and Lord save me from it!". 

Sri Ramakrishna at once remarked , "I do not mean that struggle for pleasure which only debases a man and which even animals have. You must have the manliness of Arjuna to stick to an ideal up to the last breath of your life".

SMOKE - The Convenient Truth

SMOKE - The Convenient Truth (winner of the World's Best Presentation Contest 2010)

SMOKE - The Convenient Truth [1st place Worlds Best Presentation Contest] - EP