Sri Ramakrishna And Narendra

On another occasion, Sri Ramakrishna put Narendra(later swami vivekananda) to a difficult test. He said to him,

Sri Ramakrishna:"As a result of the austerities I have practised, I have possessed all the supernatural powers for a long time. I am thinking of asking the Mother to transfer them all to you. She has told me that you will be able to use them when necessary. What do you say?"
Narendra: "Will they help me to realize God?"
Sri Ramakrishna:"No,they won’t help you to do that. But they might be very useful after you have realized God and when you start doing His work."
 Narendra: "Then let me realize God first. After that, it will be time enough to decide if I need them or not. If I accept them now, I may forget God, make selfish use of them, and thus come to grief."
Sri Ramakrishna was greatly pleased to see Narendra’s single minded devotion.

Sri Ramakrishna said about him: "Narendra is a great soul – perfect in meditation. He cuts the veils of maya to pieces with the sword of knowledge. Inscrutable maya can never bring him under her control."


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