Meditation by Swami Virajananda Part -4

Until love and devotion to God grow, one cannot be aware of the transitory and insubstantial nature of the world. The mind is but one; and it cannot be partitioned into compartments, one part given to God and other parts filled with desires for name, fame and sense objects. God cannot be realised unless the whole mind be given to Him. Unless one can do that, one has to be born again and again in the world and suffer endless misery.

In order to renounce the world, one need not take the holy orders or retire to the forest. Real renunciation is of the mind. If you give up the world mentally, it is the same whether you remain in the world or in the forest. If you run away to the forest, without completely renouncing from your mind attachment for worldly objects, the world will follow you there also and trouble you just the same; there will be no escape from it.

If you have to be in the world at all, make God your world. Set up your home with Him.

 Whatever you do, see or hear, think that to be God. It is all play, a game with Him. Know life to be a game in which Mother herself is the Player and you are Her playmate. The world will be quite different when and if you know that Mother is playing with you. Then you will find that in this world there is neither happiness nor misery, good nor evil, attachment nor aversion, greed nor jealousy; consequently, all delusion, self-interest and conflict will vanish and no pairs of opposites can torment you there.

All ideas of union or separation, of friend or foe, of high and low, of "I and mine" are non-existent in that play of yours with the Divine Mother.

There is only inexhaustible bliss, boundless love, and infinite peace. If even a drop of that bliss be experienced the pleasures of worldly objects will seem contemptible. The possession of even an atom of that love will make the whole world dearer than one's dearest ones, and heavenly bliss will be felt through every pore of the body.

There is no fear in that play, no anxiety, no bondage, no weariness; it is always an ever-new play. And what infinite modes of play does the Mother know! Endless are the forms and ways in which She plays! One loses oneself in the very thought of it and is merged therein. In that moment of transcendental ecstasy the play ceases; for who will play then, and with whom? That beatific experience, that state of blissful union, is beyond the reach of speech and mind! He alone knows who knows! Great fun! Oh, the great fun!

If God comes and says: "What do you want? Do you want me, or do you want to live a happy life full of name, fame, health and wealth for a hundred years with wife, children and grandchildren?"

You will find that, except perhaps for one in ten million, all will eagerly pray for the latter.

To realise God one must devote oneself to the task heart and soul, a hundred per cent. Not even less by a millionth part of one per cent, or the minutest fraction thereof, will do. What almost all of us seek is to realise Him easily without much toil and trouble, and without sacrificing anything. We want to compromise between God and the world. We think that if the Guru out of his infinite mercy can get Him for us, and give us salvation, nothing could be better than that.

Alas, how can this be? "The Lord must have His entire due, settled and squared to the last farthing."

He who really wants Him finds Him; he who does not, is made to dance to the tune of the five devils, becomes the sport of the five elements which comprise the material of the body and the universe: earth, water, heat, air and space. He is at the mercy of evil influences of all kinds.


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