Thiruvannamalai Deepam Festival

Tiruvannamalai (Thiruvannamalai) is a world renowned temple town in TamilNadu which is synonym to deepam(fire). Here Shiva (Arunachaleswar) is worshipped in the form of fire. This temple city is located about 180 kilometres from Chennai or when accessed from Vellore it is around 80 kilometres by road.

It is believed that this temple on the foot hill of Annamalai hill came to be built around 750 A.D. period as per the details available from archeological sculptures. It is the biggest temple in India dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This Shiva – Parvathi Arunachaleswarar temple has a 66 metre high gopuram that comprises of 13 storeys or tiers.Here Shiva is known as Annamalayar in the form of Lingam and Parvathi known as Apitakuchambal. This term Annamalayar is derived from the name of the hills Annamalai that means an inaccessible mountain.This sthala has been inhabited by many great saints and poets who have sung many poems on Lord Shiva.

Among the many saints. Saint Ramana Maharishi is believed to have lived here for about fifty years till his death in the year 1950. The Ashram of this Saint is located on the hill Arunachala that is located on the western side of this town.Tiruvannamalai has many meditation and research centres attributed to siddha medicine. 

Reputed siddha yogis have lived here to offer their services to cure many ailments for all the sick people who came seeking for treatment. This place also proves to be a apt place for a break with good yoga centres available here in plenty.As in most hindu temples Lord Arunachala temple has the biggest walking path around the hill.

Devotees are expected to go around the hill at least one time to reap the full benefit and the blessings of the lord. Going around the hill is also known as Girivalam or Giripradhakshana. At Tiruvannamalai it is great sanctity to go girivalam during every full moon day of a month or during the annual Tiruvannamalai deepam day.
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