Super Brain Yoga

As you can understand, this exercise, called Super Brain Yoga by the American World, is nothing but the simple Thoppukaranam, the reverential practice done by Hindus in front of Lord Ganesha's temple.

As per the medical research and subsequent report, doing these special kind of sit ups while holding the opposite earlobes help stimulate brain power and remember things better.

Hindus have been doing this Super Brain Yoga for ages in front of temples devoted to Lord Ganesha. In fact, I have observed that while crossing a Ganesha temple on road, most people stop, take off their footwear, perform Thoppukaranam, and then resume their journey. 

Lord Ganesha is associated with Knowledge/Memory, a point which is now proved by this research. 

Advantages of Super brain yoga,
  • Helps kids who suffer with Autism disorder
  • Helps people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease
  • Increases intelligence for all age groups
  • Increases right and left brain co-operation

But the saddening state is that some people here in India without knowing all these values they just  deny that, all our hindu practices doesn't have any meaning. 

If all our Hindu practices are analysed by researchers, the whole world will get benefited  

Even though these practices have come from India, because of our ignorance of our own tradition, the western world has copyrighted this Thoppukaranam as Super Brain Yoga.

When will we wake UP???

I am happy that at least the western world believes in our values :) when our government just ignores it :(

Sources: Google and youtube


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