Brain Drain

Psychologists have estimated that an average we have as many as 60,000 thoughts per day.More importantly ,95-98%  of these thoughts at physical brain level is releasing a shower of chemicals. Neuro scientists estimate that a human brain contains 100 billion neurons (billion=100crores).Each neuron has 1,000 connections.Each connections fires on an average of 200 times per second resulting in 20,000 trillion (1.Trillion=1 followed by 18 zero's) calculations per second And all this consumes lots of life energy. Even if we can reduce the number of thoughts by a small percentage,it can have a huge bearing on our life.Meditating or practicing silence for a few minutes every day gives you the power of that conserved energy.

-Mahatria Ra. 

My comments :

As said by Siddars and Sages of India, the lesser we breathe the more we live. We breathe more when we think more and we breathe less when we think less. So our thoughts are directly related to our life, that is why a tortoise lives longer life when compared to other living beings. Siddars prove that the state when there are no thoughts (called summa iru) is the state where we unite with god and that is the state where we forget our self. Hinduism is purely a science and accepts any god based on one's own wish. Finally Hinduism opens the doors for Self realization which is the ultimate goal of Man kind. Siddars and Sages have foretold the way to Self realize long before and I am happy that the western world is realizing  the truth behind it.


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