Monkey dies after hugging Lord Rama and Ma Sita's feet..

on Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Recent news which came in Dinamalar a Monkey died after hugging Lord Ram and Ma Sita's feet in Moirapara,Westbengal.

In English:

The tribels in Moirapara used to hunt rabbit,monkey and other animals.One day when they were hunting a Langoor type monkey, the arrow hit by the tribe shot deep into a Monkey pair.One monkey went into the tribal area.People living there did the first aid and saved that monkey.The other monkey went into Manasa devi temple.Many monkeys surrounded the monkey which went inside the temple and started shouting over it.A tribal man tried giving first aid but the Monkey profusely denied the first aid.Finally it drank some water given by the tribal people and it went inside the temple.The Monkey started hugging Lord Rama and Ma Sita's feet continuosly.By doing this, slowly, the Monkey died.


Anonymous said...

Even Animals Understand God but we people eventually forgot god in this Mechanical Life

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