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on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

During January the SriLankan Government started the ‘Sri Lanka’s Ramayana Trail’ — a religious/ spiritual tourism venture by Lanka — tour operators have been flooded with enquiries from India.With real places from Ramayana.

Refer the below Websites for More Information:


Ashok vatika where Ravana kept Sita

Floating Stone from Ramsethu(bridge made by lord Rama and Vanara sena).

Sanjivani Mountain from where Sanjivani Booti was acquired to save Lakshman.
Sugriva Cave
The Ravana Palace which was burnt by Hanuman.


தமிழ்கிழம் said...

செம படங்கள், 1000 கோடி கொடுத்தாலும் தகும்...
ஆனால் அசோக வனம் தான் பரிதாபமாக உள்ளது. மருந்துக்கு கூட அங்கே பசுமை இல்லை நண்பா...

Anonymous said...

i relly love this

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting...god is great...u2

Anonymous said...

Ashok Vadika is said to be a garden but here we see only some monuments of stone????? Ravana's fort??? doesn't look like one. is the stone really floating in this pic????

Anonymous said...

this story is about 9000 years ago and there may be a garden at ashoka vadika at that time, and these rocks really floats, i touched some of them, they felt lighter than normal rocks and they floats on water

Anonymous said...

Can somebody give me location of this place on Google maps !

Balaji Palamadai said...

@Anonymous: I have updated the links please check for more info..

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