Greetings for New Year..





We exchange greetings on the birth of the new year hoping all the days to come in the year bring happiness to us.

Is it necessary to look back the days that had gone out of our hands?

"Forget the past and act in the living present" is the oft quoted words by all of us.

No doubt, things gone by are gone for ever, they cannot be got back however much we may try. Yet, there utility in looking to the past. One should look to the past, not to derive imbecile satisfaction from an attitude of blind worship but to derive inspiration for greater achievements. It is dreams that sustain us in life. An the past supplies us with a never-failing source of dreams.

"If there were no real achievement in the past, how can the past supply you with inspiration?". Well, a good question.

The answer is that it is not the past but the halo of the past that gives strength to our actions. The moon in its naked reality is not at all beautiful. If one goes near to it, he or she will perhaps feel disgusted. But nevertheless does it not look beautiful as we see it from distance? The past was perhaps as ugly as is the present, but the strength of the past lies in the fact that it can wear a charming look to supply inspiration and evoke new hopes and aspirations in the present. Perhaps the forefathers of a man had nothing to say to their credit--nothing to boast of-- but is there any man who does not feel proud of his ancestors?

Why is it so?

It is because, seeing through the prism of time, he finds everything glorious and beautiful in them.

We have got this unique advantage that we can look both to the past and to the future. We dream of glorious achievements in the future. But on analysis it will be found that it is on the basis of the past that we build up our future by actively utilising the present that is available in our hands.

On the auspicious occasion of the new year, we shall pray to Sri Sri Ramakrishna, Mother Sarada and Swami Vivekananda to bless us all in putting our whole being in whatever works we engage in our present so as to fulfil our dreams in the days to come.

Swami Nishthatmananda of muzaffarpur Rk Mutt


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