Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna and Young Narendra

Once, in his room at Dakshineswar, Sri Ramakrishna was speaking about the sadhana prescribed for the Vaishnavas. Many devotees were present, including the young Narendra (Swami Vivekananda).

Sri Ramakrishna said that a Vaishnava is expected to cultivate the following qualities:

(i) compassion for living beings, (ii) taste for God's name, and (iii) service to devotees of God.

While uttering these words, he entered into samadhi. After coming down from that state he started speaking in an exalted mood: Compassion for living beings!

"Who are you to be compassionate to anybody? An insignificant creature you are! Who are you to show compassion? No; no. It is not compassion to jivas but service to them as Shiva" (shiva jnane jiva seva).

Gradually, he came down to the normal plane. Soon after hearing these words Narendra declared that he had received a new light through the words of the Master. God willing, he would translate these words of the Master into action.


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