Meditation And Narendra

"Do you see a light when you are falling asleep?"
 "Yes, I do. Doesn't everyone?" The boy's voice was filled with wonder.

 Soon after they first met, Sri Ramakrishna asked Narendra this question; his reply provided the Master with a deep insight into the past, the nature, and the destiny of this remarkable youngster who would later become Swami Vivekananda. In Vivekananda's adult years he himself described this super normal faculty:

 "From the earliest time that I can remember, I used to see a marvelous point of light between my eye-brows as soon as I shut my eyes to go to sleep, and I used to watch its various changes with great attention. That marvelous point of light would change colors and get bigger until it took the form of a ball; finally it would burst and cover my body from head to foot with white liquid light.

As soon as that happened, I would lose outer consciousness and fall asleep. I used to believe that was the way everybody went to sleep.

Then, when I grew older and began to practice meditation, that point of light would appear to me as soon as I closed my eyes, and I would concentrate upon that."


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