Lieutenant Manish Singh

Lieutenant Manish Singh 9th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (Special Forces), Shaurya Chakra
Lieutenant Manish Singh is troop commander with 9th Battalion the Parachute Regiment since 01 Apr 2011.

As part of search and destroy operation of 30 RR at general area of Kupwara District in Jammu and Kashmir on 25 September 2012, his squad was tasked to track escaping terrorists through terraced maize fields. During the search, a terrorist suddenly opened indiscriminate fire injuring Lieutenant Manish Singh and pinning down his squad. 

In a display of extreme courage and utter disregard for his own safety, despite his injuries, Lt Manish crawled forward and kept the terrorist pinned down. During the encounter, the officer displayed leadership of the highest order in refusing to be evacuated and notwithstanding his grievous injuries and blood loss, held on to his position. 

Finally as the terrorist charged upon him, he shot him dead at near point blank range. His courageous action ensured the safety of his men and ruled out collateral damage to civilian houses.

For his act of showing courage of exemplary order, conspicuous gallantry and outstanding leadership in the highest traditions of the Indian Army Lieutenant Manish Singh was conferred the award of “SHAURYA CHAKRA” durig the republic day celebrations 2013.


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