How to realize the SELF ?

QuestionerHow to realize the SELF ?

Sri Bhagavan : Everyone has experience of the SELF  every moment of his life.

Questioner: But, the SELF is not realized as one would like.

Sri Bhagavan : Yes. The present experience is viparita (different from real). What is not is confounded with what is.

Questioner: How to find the Atman (SELF) ?

Sri Bhagavan : There is no investigation into the Atman. The investigation can only be into the non-self. Elimination of the non-self is alone possible. The SELF being always
self evident, will shine forth of itself.

The SELF is called by different names -Atman, God, Kundalini, Mantra, etc. Hold any one of them and the SELF becomes manifest. God is no other than the SELF  Kundalini is now showing forth as the mind. When the mind is traced to its source it is Kundalini. Mantra japa leads to elimination of other thoughts and to concentration on the mantra. The mantra finally merges into the SELF and shines forth as the SELF.

Questioner: How long is a Guru necessary for Self-Realization ?

Sri Bhagavan : Guru is necessary so long as there is the laghu (Pun on Guru = heavy ; laghu = light ). 

Laghu is due to the self-imposed but wrong limitation of the SELF  God, on being worshiped  bestows steadiness in devotion, which leads to surrender. On the devotee surrendering, God shows His mercy by manifesting as the Guru The Guru, otherwise God, guides the devotee, saying that God is in you and He is the SELF.  This leads to introversion of the mind and finally to Realization.

Effort is necessary up to the state of Realization  Even then the SELF should spontaneously become evident. Otherwise, happiness will not be complete. Up to that state of spontaneity, there must be effort in some form or another.

Questioner: Our work-a-day life is not compatible with such efforts.

Sri Bhagavan : Why do you think that you are active ? Take the gross example of
your arrival here. You left home in a cart, took train, alighted at the Railway Station here, got into a cart there and found yourself in this Ashram. When asked, you say that you traveled here all the way from your town. Is it true ? It is not a fact. You remained as you were and there were movements of conveyances, all along the way. Just as those movements are confounded with your own, so also the other activities. They are not your own. They are God's activities.

Questioner: Such idea will lead to blankness of mind and the work will not progress well.

Sri Bhagavan : Go up to that blankness and tell me afterwards.

Questioner: They say that a visit to Sages helps Self-Realization ?

Sri Bhagavan : Yes. So it does.

Questioner: Will not my present visit to you bring it about ?

Sri Bhagavan : (After a short pause) 

What is to be brought about ? To whom ?
Consider ; investigate. 
To whom is this doubt ? If the source is traced
the doubt will disappear.


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