How to gain bhakti?

One must chant without ceasing the name of the Lord and His glories.

And keep company of the holy one must frequently go to God's bhaktas, or sadhus.

One's mind does not fix itself on the Lord while living night and day in the midst of worldly activities and family life. Hence, one must go into solitude now and then to meditate on God. In the first stage it is very hard to fix the mind on the Lord unless one frequently goes into solitude.

When the plant is young, it needs a hedge around it. Without the hedge goats and cows eat it up.

The mind, the solitary corner and the forest are the places where you will meditate. And you will always have good thoughts in your mind. The Lord alone is real, i.e. the eternal substance, and all else is unreal, i.e. transitory. Discriminating thus, you will shake off attachment to the perishable things of the world.

-Sri Ramakrishna.


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