Swami Premananda (Baburam Maharaj)

Sri Ramakrishna used to refer to half a dozen among his disciples as Ishwarakotis and Nityasiddhas (divine and ever free souls), and to this select group belonged Swami Premananda.

Sri Ramakrishna would say, Baburam is pure to his very marrow. No impure thought can ever cross his mind and body. Owing to his absolute purity Baburam was deemed a fit attendant.

After the Master passed away Baburam joined the monastery at Baranagore. He along with his brother disciples embraced the monastic life and became Swami Premananda. Swami Vivekananda gave Baburam the name Premananda meaning bliss of divine love as he thought it conformed to the remark of the Master that Sri Radha herself, the Goddess of divine Love, was partially incarnated in him.

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Swami Premananda had free access to the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. She was very fond of him, and Swami Premananda was very devoted to her. His face actually glowed when he spoke about the Holy Mother. He once said that those who differentiated between her and the Master would never make any spiritual progress; she and the Master were like the two sides of the same coin. In the course of a discussion at Belur Math he said to the devotees: We have seen that she had a much greater capacity than the Master. She was the embodiment of Power, and how well she controlled it! Sri Ramakrishna could not do so, though he tried. His power became manifest through his frequent ecstasies, which were seen by all. The Mother repeatedly experienced samadhi, but others did not know of it. What a wonderful self-control she exercised!
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Once, a devotee, had fallen asleep on the second floor corridor of the Belur Math building. While going upstairs in the middle of the night, Baburam Maharaj  (Swami Premananda) noticed the sleeping man and seeing that he had no mosquito curtain to protect him, he at once brought out a curtain and fixed it over the man. Moreover, in order to drive away the mosquitoes, he himself set about slowly fanning him. When the man woke up, he was completely overwhelmed by his affectionate act. He sincerely believed, The service of the devotee is the worship of God.

One day when many devotees were visiting the math, a dark cloud suddenly covered the sky, and in a moment, rain poured down. A brahmachari quickly started moving the visitor's shoes to a dry place on the western veranda of the Math-building. Baburam Maharaj saw that he was moving the shoes using his feet, and admonished him saying, You should carry the shoes of the devotees on your head.

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