Be happy, don't be depressed

In his Bengali book, Londone Swami Vivekananda, Mahendra Nath has given us an insight into Swamiji's inner world at this time:

You see, Swamiji said, at night I go to my room and lie down. I keep quiet for a while, and then within me so much ananda arises that I cannot stay lying down. I see the Blissful Mother. Men, animals, the sky and earth--all are saturated with bliss. I cannot lie down any longer; so I get up and dance in the middle of the room. That bliss can no longer be confined within my heart. The whole world becomes filled with it, as it were. Even as he said this, Swamiji began to dance like a child for a little while. Then he said with affection to those who were present, Be happy, don't be depressed; the Mother is everywhere; all will be filled with bliss!


  1. How come a piece of advise can change our personality,,there should be some practices to change ourselves into pure soul, please tell us that also.

  2. @Anonymous: Please read the below post and please read RajaYoga written by Swami Vivekananda to understand how practically we can attain that state. I do have a electronic copy of this book, please drop a email incase if u would like to have a copy.


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